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Edmund Dulac Art Images
Edmund Dulac's enchanting illustrations grace such hard-to-find classics as his Fairy Book, Arabian Nights, Sinbad the Sailor, and The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

New!: There are two Edmund Dulac calendars this year. The 12-month Art Passions Edmund Dulac 2012 calendar will be available mid-October. The 15-month Art Passions >Edmund Dulac 2012 calendar is available now.

Latest additions: Gods and Mortals in Love.

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The Real Princess, The Princess and the Pea
Daughters of the Stars:

Illustrations to Daughters of the Stars.

Edmund Dulac illustration to Daughters of the Stars, Astrella
Edmund Dulac illustration to Daughters of the Stars, The Captain Greeted Them as Honored Guests
The Captain Greeted Them as Honored Guests
Gods and Mortals in Love Gods and Mortals in Love:

Illustrations to Gods and Mortals in Love.

Selene and Endymion

Pluto and Persephone

Pan and Syrinx

Perseus and Andromeda

Psyche and Cerberus

Aphrodite and Adonis

Orpheus and Eurydice

Jason and Medea

Herakles and Deianeira
Stealers of Light Stealers of Light by the Queen of Roumania:

Illustrations to Stealers of Light.

The light she had thought to extinguish had escaped from her dying hands and floated always farther across the desert, shedding its marvellous radiance over rock and stone.

The man had his arm lightly laid across the tall girl's shoulders; they might have been lovers, so tender was his touch.
Dreamer of Dreams Dreamer of Dreams by the Queen of Roumania:

Illustrations to The Dreamer of Dreams.

Title page

Everything abut her was white, glistening and shining

Eric lay now, stretched at the feat of the woman he could not leave

A circle of mist seemed to be settling around them

It was the miraculous bubbles

And there, leaning against a moss-grown crumbling tree, was a spirit-like being out of another world!

King Wanda sat upon his marble terrace basking in the first warmth of the season

The Birth of the Pearl The Pearl:

Illustrations to The Kingdom of the Pearl.

The Birth of the Pearl

The Pearl of Love

The Pearl of the Bamboo

The Pearl of the Elephant

The Pearl of the Boar

The Pearl of the Cloud

The Pearl of the Fish

The Pearl of the Serpent

The Pearl of the Warrior

The Talisman Pearl

The Little Mermaid The Little Mermaid:

Illustrations to The Little Mermaid.

The Merman King

She Saved the Prince

The Liquid Sparkled

The Prince Asked Who She was

Dissolving in Foam

Nightingale The Nightingale:

Illustrations to The Nightingale.

Is it possible?

The Fisherman

The Same Gurgling

The Music-Master

Even Death Listened

Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast:

Illustrations to Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty had a Brave Heart

Palace of Wonder

Her Father Dropped the Rose

Beauty Saw the Castle in the Distance

A Far Higher Destiny Lies Before You

Beauty in the Garden

Yes, Beast, I will Marry You

Garden of Paradise The Garden of Paradise:

Illustrations to The Garden of Paradise.

His Grandmother Had Told Him

The Eastwind Flew More Swiftly Still

The Fairy of the Garden

The Fairy was Hidden in the Branches

The Raven and Other Poems of Edgar Allan Poe The Raven and Other Poems of Edgar Allan Poe:

Illustrations from The Poems of Edgar Allan Poe.

The Bells


Al Aaraaf



The Angel Israfel



To the River

Dulac's Arabian Nights Arabian Nights:

Illustrations to the Arabian Nights.


She Stirred the Pot


Queen of the Ebony Isles

She Confronted Him

The Ship Struck a Rock

Pouring Water in the Pot

He Fell with the Tray

Maidens on Horses

rubaiyat Rubaiyat:

Illustrations to The Rubaiyat.

The Rubaiyat: Morning

The Rubaiyat: Peace to Mahmud on his golden Throne!

The Rubaiyat: A Loaf of Bread

The Rubaiyat: Blowing Rose

The Rubaiyat: Lone Dove

The Rubaiyat: Potter

The Rubaiyat: Hour of Grace

The Rubaiyat: Angel of the drink of Darkness

The Rubaiyat: Human or Divine

The Rubaiyat: A New Marriage

The Rubaiyat: Came Shining through the Dusk

The Rubaiyat: All are But Stories

The Rubaiyat: Heav'n But the Vision of Fulfill'd Desire

The Rubaiyat: The Face of Wretched Man

The Rubaiyat: That Spring Should vanish with the Rose

The Rubaiyat: Where I made One

The Rubaiyat: Hidden by the Sleeve of Night

Dulac's Sinbad the Sailor Sinbad the Sailor:

The complete illustrations to Sinbad the Sailor.

Sinbad 1

Sinbad 2

Sinbad 3

Sinbad 4

Sinbad 5

Sinbad 6

Sinbad 7

Sinbad 8

Sinbad 9

Sinbad 10

Sinbad 11

Sinbad 12

Sinbad 13

Sinbad 14

Sinbad 15

Sinbad 16

Sinbad 17

Sinbad 18

Sinbad 19

Sinbad 20

Sinbad 21

Sinbad 22

The Snow Queen The Snow Queen

Includes the complete image collection of Dulac's illustrations to The Snow Queen.

Snow Queen 1

Snow Queen 2

Snow Queen 3

Snow Queen 4

Snow Queen 5

Snow Queen 6

Snow Queen 7

The Emperor's New Clothes Fairy Tales

Dulac's illustrations to Edmund Dulac's Fairy Book, and Andersen's Fairy Tales.

Seven Conquerers


Bird Feng

Bluebeard 1

Bluebeard 2


Princess and the Pea

Cinderella 1

Cinderella 2

Entymologist's Dream

Face to Face


Friar and Boy

Real Princess

The Emperor's New Clothes


Green Serpent


Serpent Prince

Sleeping Beauty 1

Sleeping Beauty 2


Ivan Horse

Other Edmund Dulac resources

Edmund Dulac Calendars, Totes, and Mugs

Edmund Dulac aficionados will find Edmund Dulac mugs, totes, and other Dulac items at our Design Passions shop. The Art Passions calendar features Edmund Dulac for two months.

Edmund Dulac Posters and Prints

Very large Dulac posters are not easy to find, although you can still find some that were published by Paper Tiger Press in La Jolla, in the 1960s and 1970s.

Where to Buy Edmund Dulac Prints

Gerda and the Reindeer - Edmund Dulac The Real Princess Dreamer of Dreams Gold! Gold! He cried. The Little Mermaid.

Here are some places where you can purchase Edmund Dulac art prints: Artsy Craftsy (source of the images right above). Real Princess (Princess and the Pea), Gerda and the Reindeer, The Dreamer of Dreams, The Alchemist and other Dulac prints are available.

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New! More Dulac prints are available. Some (36 or so) reasonably priced mass reprints are available here. Be aware that some are giclee so do read the descriptions carefully before ordering.

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